What Would Mayberry Do?

The Novel

What Would Mayberry Do?  Good question, because Mayberry has gone to hell.  Swingers, meth and death, and two kids daring enough to write about it.


When a star runner collapses and his autopsy shows methamphetamine, the high school newspaper writes on the pervasiveness of drugs in the school and community.  However, the story is too gritty for the principal’s liking and he cancels the paper.

Censorship doesn’t stop Jesse Wasko and Shelby James though.  Determined to fight for a free press, Shelby and Jesse take the paper underground. But when their continued investigation results in threats to their lives, and puts Shelby in the hospital, Jesse must either decide to forego the story or publish the piece that will bring down the largest drug ring in South Eastern Kentucky. So what bright-eyed journalist wouldn’t risk it all to publish? One like Jesse who suspects his swinger, druggy parents may somehow be involved.

What Would Mayberry Do? is a 73,000 contemporary upmarket novel.


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