What Would Mayberry Do?


“Way to stick it to the man, yo! Great to see the fight for freedom of speech is still alive and kicking.”  Lucy Mack, W.H.S. Senior

“Mrs. Fields is the best Chem teacher ever!!  Not only is she a great teacher, she has mad firefighting skills.”  Dakota Prine, the girl whose hair caught on fire in Chemistry Lab.

“In spite of tragedy, I am proud of our girls and boys cross country teams this year.  They all showed improvement, guts, and perseverance. ”   Coach

“Can’t wait for raslin season to start.”  Brady

“Can Gov class BE any more boring?”  Anonymous Model Student

Caffeine, not Meth, is my drug of choice.  Hopefully Mountain Dew ain’t a gateway drug.”  Bobby Cox

“SWFBPB (Single White Female Bi-sexual Pit Bull) looking to be taken for a long walk on a short leash.”   From WTF

“When a man carries a gun all the time, the respect he thinks he’s getting might really be fear. So I don’t carry a gun because I don’t want the people of Mayberry to fear a gun. I’d rather they respect me.”  Sheriff, Andy Taylor

“What’s my favorite class at W.H.S.?  Well that’s a good question.”  Dewd Hubbard

  1. The following underground, student publication is a work of fiction and should not be construed as truthful or representative of any person(s), school(s), or of any community. Any similarities are purely coincidental and unintentional.

  2. I love this! I was just trying to figure out a way to intro the book to an online community I follow…but I don’t know what they’d make of fiction. I need to get this and read it Stinson!
    Kassie (aka) Mom

    • Thanks Kassie! I can share an excerpt or two. I have the manuscript being reviewed by an agent now. I would love to get your take on the first chapter at least. Send me your email and any social media links you have. I’m on Twitter as well @stinsonanderson

      • send me a peek at kassieritman at g mail. Can’t wait to see! This isn’t the same story you had at the MWW thingy earlier this year is it? I recall something very diff…but I am senile at times 😉

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