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W.H.S. Boys Cross Country Regionals

W.H.S. Girls Cross Country Regionals

Phillips Wonder Twins Hit Stride at Regionals

by Dell Ray Phillips

The 2012 cross country season ended on an up note for W.H.S. at the Regional Meet.  The girls team was fourth overall out of eight schools.  Senior, Jennifer Phillips was the top female runner for The Eagles with a time of 19:31.

“I’ve had an injury for a while and today was the first day I didn’t hurt.  It was a good run for me,” said Jennifer.

Senior, Jason Phillips, Jenny’s twin brother, was the highest placed finisher for The Eagle men with a time of 17:14, which was a personal best.  Freshman Eagle, Jesse Wasko was top twenty with a new personal best of 18:56.  The boys were also fourth overall.

Drew Dykstra, from Corbin High was the winner overall with a time of 15:54.  He will advance to the State Finals to be held November 6, 2012 in Lexington.

“Well, It was a fast course with hardly any wind, so I’m real happy with my time,” said Jason Phillips.

The Lady Eagles finished with three wins and the boys tallied five wins out of an eight meet season.

  1. The following underground, student publication is a work of fiction and should not be construed as truthful or representative of any person(s), school(s), or of any community. Any similarities are purely coincidental and unintentional.

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