What Would Mayberry Do?


Some photos from my trip to Whitley County, Kentucky to do research for this novel.  It was uncanny how familiar everything seemed.  I wrote my first draft with NaNoWriMo back in November and did on-the-fly research using Google Maps and other images and news articles I could gather from the internet.  The moment I drove into town, I knew where I was and where to go, and at times I felt like I was traveling inside the story.

Williamsburg, Kentucky

Williamsburg, Kentucky

First things first.  I needed a haircut and I figured I’d get good source information from either the pretty beautician on Main Street or from the kind, no-nonsense gentleman who has been cutting hair for fifty-three years.  Since it was almost closing time and the place with the space age hair dryers was closing up for the Easter weekend, Tom won.  He said people ask him when he’s going to retire, but he says, “What else would I do?  All I know how to do is work.”  Tom was a veteran serving with his two brothers at the same time in post WWII Germany.  Thank you for your service to our great nation, Tom, and for the value haircut.

Tom Raines, Cutting Hair for 53 Years.

Tom Raines, Cutting Hair for 53 Years.

The closing scene of chapter one, Jesse and his friend Flash are watching the cars go by under the I-75 overpass.  Flash spits off the edge trying to hit a northbound vehicles.  This image was of the long line of southbound traffic on its way to warmer climes of coastal Carolina or Florida.


A better view of what Jesse and Flash see when the Sheriff rolls up.


The Cumberland Falls.  It’s here were Jesse, Shelby, and Will sneak behind the falls and take up target practice.

photo (8)

The Kwik Shop where the W.W.M.D. staff hold their editorial staff meetings over bread sticks and 44oz big gulps.

Kwik Shop

I picture Denny and Darrel living in this house.

The Sparks' Home

An abandoned house, possibly the result of the meth epidemic.  A possible scene for the Christmas Day Massacre.

Abaondoned Home

Williamsburg, Kentucky.  View from the bluff above the river.


Drug Overdose Deaths KY


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